Type of Oil
Refer to Table 1-3. Use the proper grade of oil for the lowest temperature expected before the next oil change. See 1.2 FUEL AND OIL for specific regarding winter needs.

If it is necessary to add oil and Harley-Davidson oil is not available, use an oil certified for diesel engines. Acceptable diesel engine oil designations include CF, CF-4, CG-4 and CH-4. The preferred viscosities for the diesel engine oils, in descending order, are 20W-50, 15W-40 and 10W-40. At the first opportunity, see a Harley-Davidson dealer to change back to 100 percent Harley-Davidson oil.


Fig. 1-1. Checking Oil Tank Level


See Fig. 1-1. Check engine oil level:

- As part of the pre-ride inspection
- At each fuel fill
- At every scheduled service interval

Checking Oil Level
Ride motorcycle until engine is warmed up to operating temperature, then do the following:

1. Idle motorcycle on jiffy stand for 1-2 minutes.

2. Shut motorcycle off and leave motorcycle resting on jiffy stand.

3. See Fig. 1-2. Check oil level on dipstick. If necessary, add oil until oil registers at upper groove on dipstick. Do not overfill oil tank.

Fig. 1-2. Checking the Engine

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